About us

We believe in the power of community.  Chatmatic is a chat tool that makes it easy for you to automate your marketing, manage multiple chats simultaneously, answer FAQs, and build a community. With Chatmatic, you can empower your customers to get their inquiries answered easily and painlessly, even if you're not there. Our mission lies in personalization, community, and in providing value.

Chat is the future of communication. And with Chatmatic, you can be the future of chat.

Why Facebook?

Messenger and Instagram are two of the most powerful and widely used social media channels on the planet with over 1 Billion users each. It's no secret that the more connected you are with your audience the more you can make and there is no better way to connect with your prospects than through Messenger or Instagram DM, and now you can do it with automations

Power of Messenger

Messenger has more than 8 different entry points and all of which are integrated into Chatmatic, making it point and click simple to implement all of the features Messenger has, all without writing any code.

Instagram With Ease

Instagram (newly released) has 4 main entry points including organic Messages, commenting on posts, ads and stories mentions. Using Chatmatic you can build a sequence and have it launched with any of those entry points in seconds.


Once you've made your sequences it's time to leverage this new lead in your CRM and autoresponder. We connect with Zapier and many popular autoresponders making it easy to get that lead information into a platform that allows you to monetize

Built In Monetizer

We also have email, sms, and automatic 24 hour follow up capability so do NOT sleep on Chatmatic's ability to convert a lead to a sale. You can automatically trigger email sequences, sms sequences, and follow up with every lead for at least 24 hours!


How do I access Chatmatic after signing up?

The next page will redirect you to a link. Click on it and in no time you’ll be chatting with us and receiving all the information you need. You don't need any license to start using it. You'll simply log in with Facebook and connect your page(s).

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel any time, granted a five-days notice prior to tour next billing date. To do this you can submit a Ticket to our Help Desk. You’ll have access to this feature once you become a member.

Can I access the training materials however I want?

You can watch our training materials and tutorials from your smartphone, iPad, laptop, computer, you name it! You can access all of these materials Immediately after purchase.

How can I contact support if I have any questions?

There’s a Support Desk inside “The Accelerator” Training System. You can use it to submit any questions.