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Create engaging promotions through messenger to build a large and self-sustaining client list

Create specific trigger words that begin a conversation with your customers that inform, entice, and ultimately sell the products you want.

Use messenger to create subscriptions through more than social media and exercise a layered marketing approach.

Guide the user for an optimal marketing experience by targeting their specific needs

Chatmatic is not exclusive to facebook, but most facebook subsidiaries as well, this includes instagram.

Create calls to action that send the user to the product page on any platform whether it be, messenger, instagram, or email.

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The number one feature of our product is its accessibility whether it be at home or on the go.

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Create Subscribers
Create Subscribers, build a strong relationship with customers through social media
Always have an entry point
Create a link at the end of your conversation to drive the engaged user to your site.
Retarget your customers
Chatmatic has options to understand your clients specific needs and tailor an experience specifically for them.
Ice Breakers
Once the right word is found that fits your brand begin creating messages that feel engaging to the user.
More than messenger
Chatmatic is multi-platform so you can reach different demographics.
Easy to implement subscriptions
Seamlessly add various channels of subscriptions through pre-wriiten call to actions that give the user access to promotions.